S t a t e m e n t

We absorb so much "gunk" in our communications and we are troubled when life seems to be headed out of our control. The best way to cleanse oneself is with a ritual of drawing, painting and writing. Art is easiest for me; it flows from emotion and spirit and takes shape from intrinsic importance to physical reality. From nothingness comes something to share.

I observe, integrate, filter and interpret elements of this world. Each creation contains particles of my soul. I do not try to recreate what is already perfect. I do not aspire to be a super-realist, nor even a realist. I intuitively interpret what I encounter in nature and in people, and provide my own unique perspective. Although I can recreate realistically, it offers no challenge. I need to express myself, not to copy what is already present. I leave recreation of perfection to photographers, and those who strive to achieve the perfect copy. I prefer a unique approach and inevitable abstraction. I see geometric and other forms and shapes in everything. Why should I redirect my attention and deny its visibility?